Toxic Workplace 1

“OH WE NEED YOU IN OUR WORKPLACE – IT’S SO TOXIC!” I hear this so often when people ask me what I do; and it always saddens me. To hear that people hate their workplace, that they find it “toxic”  (such a strong word) and that they don’t feel like they can do anything about it,…

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How engaged is your team

Welcome to the New Financial Year!!! Now that you have got all your financial obligations and reporting all sorted for the year, (not my favourite thing to do…) it’s a good time to turn your attention back to your most important and valuable asset – your people. And according to the stats – it couldn’t…

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Burnout – avoid it this end of year

Avoid-burnout - a lady looking worn out, leaning over her books and laptop

End-of-year Burnout : its a thing…. The end of year strikes a cord in all leaders – from a flurry of activity to get things done and completed to the dreaded team wind down, or even worse BURNOUT. We’ve all experienced it. That long awaited end. Your eyes firmly fixed on that Christmas shut down…

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How Leadership Impacts the Customer Experience


Have you ever had a CHEERS experience? If you know the TV Sitcom Series “Cheers” then you understand what Im talking about. Yes, that’s the one – “where everybody knows your name”. We all seek out that place, that experience where we feel like we belong, we feel welcomed, cared for, special, and part of…

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