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THE SECRET TO BUILDING a HIGH-PERFORMING TEAM: Moving From Toxic Chaos to Unified Success

Apr 19, 2023

Creating a high-performing team that is unified is no easy feat. As a founding CEO of a non-profit organization for 25 years and a decade of experience working with business owners, leaders, and managers – and their teams – I believe there are two key variables that can make or break a team’s success: connection and HR structure. I’ve put them together in my Optimal Team Matrix.

Let’s dive into these two factors:

CONNECTION – the vertical axis

Firstly, the sense of connection within a team is critical.  Is your team highly connected or disconnected?

A highly connected team is one where team members understand each other’s strengths and communicate effectively, leading to a strong sense of belonging and unity. 

When team members feel valued and engaged in their work, their contributions become more meaningful and purposeful. On the other hand, a disconnected team can lead to misunderstandings, lack of collaboration, and an overall disengagement from the work.

HUMAN RESOURCE STRUCTURES – the horizontal axis

Secondly, an established HR structure is equally important. Is your HR structure well established or absent?

An effective HR structure provides clarity, consistency, and certainty for your team, while non-compliance and a lack of policies and procedures put your organization at risk of costly penalties. 

A well-established HR structure can significantly impact the level of trust within a team. When team members know that the organization has clear policies and procedures in place, they can trust that they will be treated fairly and consistently. This sense of fairness and consistency can build trust among team members and their leaders.

By focusing on these two key factors, you can help your team move closer to the high-performing end of the spectrum. 

Your team members will feel more comfortable sharing their ideas, collaborating, and taking risks, which all contribute to a high-performing team. Of course, most teams fall somewhere in between these two extremes, but investing in building a strong sense of connection among team members and having an established and effective HR structure can help take your team to the next level.

So, what happens when one or both factors are missing??

Let’s explore each quadrant…


When your team lacks connection and your HR structure is absent, it can create an environment of what I call “toxic chaos”. 

Toxic chaos can be a business owner’s worst nightmare, leading to dysfunction, conflict, and negative consequences.

Without a connected team, team members may not understand each other’s strengths and talents, leading to misunderstandings and a lack of collaboration. This can create an atmosphere of mistrust and disengagement, leading to low morale and decreased productivity.

At the same time, an absent HR structure can create confusion and uncertainty among team members. Without clear policies and procedures, team members may not know what’s expected of them, leading to inconsistent performance and potential legal issues.

Toxic chaos can lead to high turnover rates as well, as team members may feel frustrated and unsupported, leading to burnout and the search for greener pastures. This can be a costly problem for businesses of any size.


As a business owner, it’s important to recognize that having a connected team is just the first step towards success. Even if your team is functioning well and relationships are strong, there are still potential risks that could impact your business.

Without clear HR structures and policies in place, you could find yourself dealing with unforeseen issues that could damage team morale and productivity – it may even find you in strife with Fair Work with breaches of important legislation.

Blissful ignorance may seem like an attractive approach, but it’s not sustainable in the long run. 


Having well-established HR structures is an important step, but it’s not enough to ensure that your team is working together effectively.

If your team is not connected, they won’t be able to fully leverage the resources available to them – including each others unique talents and strengths!  

By investing in team-building activities and fostering a culture of collaboration, you can help your team build stronger connections and work together more effectively.

By settling for the bare minimum, you may be missing out on the full potential of your team. Although compliance with HR policies and procedures is important, it’s not enough to create a truly successful team. 


Now, this is where you want to be!! Having a highly connected team and well-established HR structures is a winning combination. 

With a strong sense of unity and support, your team is ready to achieve great things and reach new heights of success. 

By fostering a culture of collaboration and providing the necessary HR resources, you can ensure that your team is working together seamlessly towards common goals. 

This level of teamwork is a powerful asset for any business. When your team is united and working towards the same objectives, they become a force to be reckoned with. 

By continuing to invest in HR structures and team-building activities, you can maintain this sense of connection and ensure that your team stays on the path to unified success. 

A highly connected team with a well-established HR structure is the ultimate recipe for success. As a business owner, it’s important to continue to nurture these relationships and support structures to ensure that your team is always performing at their best. By doing so, you can create a culture of excellence that leads to sustained success for your business.

The Optimal Team Matrix

High-Performing Team
©NewSkyConsulting 2023

© NewSky Consulting 2023

Creating a unified success team is crucial to the success of your business. By establishing HR structures, building a culture of connection, valuing each other’s strengths, and establishing trust, you can create a team that is harmonious, productive, and certain in their actions.

The benefits of a unified success team go beyond just the workplace, with a positive impact on your business, employees, and clients.


I bet you’re probably starting to think about where on the Optimal Team Matrix your team sits!

As a leader or business owner, here are some key questions you can ponder to determine the state of your team and HR structures and where your team may fall on the Optimal Team Matrix:

  1. Are there any interpersonal conflicts or unresolved issues within the team? Are there any team members who frequently complain or resist change, or who don’t seem to be performing up to their potential?
  2. Do you have clear HR policies and procedures in place? Have you communicated these policies effectively to your team, and are they being followed consistently? Are there any potential HR issues that you are not aware of? Are you fully compliant to industrial legislative requirements?
  3. Is your team fully engaged and connected, or do they tend to work in silos? Are there any missed opportunities for collaboration or cross-functional learning within the team? Is everyone clear on their roles and responsibilities, or are there any gaps in communication or understanding?
  4. Are team members working well together and supporting each other? Are there regular opportunities for team-building and collaboration? Are HR policies and procedures being followed consistently, and are there opportunities for feedback and improvement? Is the team achieving its goals and delivering results?

By reflecting on these questions, you can gain a better understanding of the state of your team and HR structures and identify areas for improvement to move towards unified success.

And, if you find yourself struggling with low team connection or no HR structures in place, it’s time to take action. 

Don’t let these challenges hold your team back from achieving its full potential. That’s why I invite you to book a complimentary clarity call with me today.

During this call, we’ll discuss your specific needs and explore how investing in HR structures and team-building activities can help take your team to the next level.

This call is completely free, and there’s no obligation to work with me afterwards. So why wait?

Book your call today and let’s work together to create a more supportive and productive workplace culture that helps your team achieve unified success.

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