Toxic Workplace 1


Jul 30, 2019


I hear this so often when people ask me what I do; and it always saddens me.

To hear that people hate their workplace, that they find it “toxic”  (such a strong word) and that they don’t feel like they can do anything about it, is to me tragic.

Our workplace should feel safe and welcoming. After all, we spend the majority of our waking hours in our workplaces, with our colleagues.

How can we do good business, serve our customers, if our people describe the culture like a poison?

A toxic workplace has at its very core a TRUST problem. It has a CULTURE of mistrust.  Most probably, it is a symptom of highly disengaged staff.

People don’t trust each other. Most likely it has been eroded, broken, damaged, or misplaced. And it has been allowed to happen.

A workplace usually doesn’t turn toxic overnight – it becomes toxic. It’s a slow erosion. It creeps in like a fog, and before you know it, you’re surrounded and cloaked in it.


“But what could I possibly do about it, I’m only one person?”

People tell me they feel powerless to change it, to influence or make a difference to what is, seemingly, acceptable conduct.

However, I believe you can.  You have the ability to influence your environment and the people in it.  So here’s where you can make a start:

  • Choice. You have a choice about what you are willing to accept, listen to, and engage in; what you are willing to stay quiet on or speak up about. Consequently, your chosen actions have an influence.
  • Lead. If you are a leader it is your response-ability to step up and create a culture that serves its people. Above all, lead by example and uphold the values most important to you and your business.
  • Set your teams values. Those important set of principles and standards in which every behaviour and decision is based on. Most certainly, your team values are your COMPASS, your NORTH STAR. And – Once set, everyone needs to be held accountable to them. Be vigilant.

Therefore, the most successful businesses have connected teams that feel valued by their employer, have greater unity, and are more committed to the business purpose and vision.

A Connected Team is achievable.

I have written a white paper to:

  • Review the state of teams through the research
  • Explore barriers to building connected teams
  • Identify what is needed to create a team that is engaged and high performing.

So if building a more connected team would make a difference in your workplace, then download the White Paper.

Also, if you need help or support with building a better team or stepping into your full leadership potential then please, reach out. Because I’m here to help.