How engaged is your team


Jul 23, 2019

Welcome to the New Financial Year!!!

Now that you have got all your financial obligations and reporting all sorted for the year, (not my favourite thing to do…) it’s a good time to turn your attention back to your most important and valuable asset – your people.

And according to the stats – it couldn’t come soon enough!

Did you know that recent studies have revealed that staff engagement is at a massive low – with over 70% of the workforce actually DISENGAGED??  This is seriously disturbing.

This means that the majority of the people in our teams are:

  • Physically present, but psychologically absent;
  • Unhappy and insist on telling others in the business – customers, staff, suppliers, competitors;
  • Doing some work, but lack interest, focus and commitment;
  • Taking more regular leave with higher absenteeism;
  • Unproductive or very low productivity

A highly disengaged team costs time, money and a positive workplace environment. 

We’ve all had an experience where we have been part of a really productive, happy, committed team, to have it turn sour. And it can take just one person to disrupt an entire team with their level of unrest, dissatisfaction, and disruptive attitude.

Most importantly, as a leader of integrity, you want to bring out the best in your team, therefore you don’t want a disengaged team.

You want a positive work culture where people thrive, collaborate, and contribute to making a difference in your business.

So you have the responsibility to guard your culture, and be vigilant in keeping everyone accountable to the standards, values, and behaviours that build a rocking team culture!

Would you know how to spot a disengaged team before its too late?

Staff disengagement is a serious and real problem for business owners, leaders and managers; and if left unchecked it can spread throughout the team and organisation.

The first step is to RECOGNISE IT by asking a few key questions:

  1. Hows your staff absenteeism? Are people regularly away?
  2. What’s the productivity like? Are people getting the work done, to standard or above in a happy, and motivated way?or are they dragging their feet, flat and looking like they’d rather be somewhere else?
  3. What about morale? Is it high or is there some ‘unrest’; do some of your usually high performers and committed staff seem less ‘happy’.
  4. Are your customers happy and satisfied? Do they give good feedback about your team?

Because I know that having a connected team is important to you, I invite you to download my CONNECTED TEAMS white paper.

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