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Aug 6, 2019


This year I’ve been watching my son embark on his first year of University, and turning 18 years old.  He’s studying Engineering and the transition from school to uni life has been an interesting, and at times challenging, one for ME – I mean “him”! LOL  Well, both of us actually.

I’m watching him navigate this new found level of independence and ability to make completely independent choices.

I’m watching him juggle working, studying, social life, paying his way, and learning whats important to him.

He’s stepping into his values as an adult, and at times, learning the hard way.

As I watch this growth, I can’t help but think about how he, and all his friends from school, are our future workforce, and our future leaders in the workforce.

What kind of leaders will they be? 

Before we know the answer to that, we need to first answer the question “what kind of leadership do they NEED NOW?”

I’d like to share with you what the research has been telling us about the future of our workforce, and as leaders what you may need to be doing to attract, retain and most importantly, DEVELOP the best talent in your team in the year 2020.


Well, Millenials are seeking different experiences from their engagement and participation in the workforce.  They are more digitally connected and seek employers and leaders with a connection to purpose and making a difference.

Your ability to attract and retain the right talent on your team in the future will require:

  • a strong defined culture
  • a demonstration of values, purpose and vision
  • a team environment that provides for growth, meaningful work and a sense of belonging and community

They are seeking strong role models, who are able to build connections, foster trust, and inspire change. They need leaders who dare to care, lead by example and embody the values in which they speak.

WORKPLACE DESIGN CHANGES WILL REQUIRE A DIFFERENT STYLE OF LEADERSHIPThe most successful organisations are now built around highly empowered teams.This requires a different style of Leadership, with Influencers such as Brene Brown and Simon Sinek leading the charge (and I love them both!!!!).

With more empowered teams we need:

  • Leaders with greater authenticity; ethics; vulnerability and empathy.
  • A culture that supports creativity via collaboration – which demands high trust
  • Teams with greater awareness of individual operating styles and strengths to build trust and leverage the value of individuals within the team.

This all means BETTER SOFT SKILLS. As leaders of today we need to be equipped with better soft skills to be more capable of developing and equipping our future leaders with even greater skills than our own!

Make no mistake, there is nothing easy about ‘soft skills’. The relationship building, interpersonal, trust building skills so necessary in leadership and within teams are the hardest to teach and acquire. They are to be experienced and evolved; It involves high and on-going self awareness, self mastery and self expression.  Our greatest modality is role modelling, mentoring and coaching.

For this, the idea of wholehearted and connected leadership, for this I’m excited for my son.  I’m excited for our future leaders. I’m hopeful that they are a generation of more conscious, whole-hearted and purpose-centred leaders.

future leaders my son and I

Coffee with Mum – Uni life!

Building a connected team with a strong culture, that is highly trusted and empowered, grounded in values and driven by purpose is what I have done for the last 25 years, with great success.So, I’ve put together a white paper on Connected Teams and I invite you to download it if building a more connected team would make a difference in your workplace.

Also, if you need help or support with building a better team or stepping into your full leadership potential then please, reach out. Because I’m here to help.

Book your free clarity session or reach out today.