Setting Boundaries that Work in 3 Steps


Have you ever approached a new year afraid that it is going to be the same as the year you just had? That nothing will change? Does the thought of another year like the last fill you with dread, irritation or sadness? Are your boundaries working for you? Well, that’s exactly how I felt at…

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Not-for-Profits – Its a Matter of Trust


The biggest issue in our not-for-profit and community sector is not lack of funding or resources – but a lack of TRUST. Trust – reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence. I have observed the wearing away of trust in my NFP sector over the last 15 years. When…

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Learning to Speak my Truth

A photo of a white microphone

I believe that being a good leader means being able to stand in your truth; and in doing so, inviting others to stand in theirs. A big part of standing in your truth is being able to speak your truth. Learning to stand in my truth has required me to dive deep into myself and…

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