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Feb 4, 2020

The success of your team, and ultimately of your business, is directly linked to how engaged your staff are in their work. Your job as a leader is to increase the staff engagement in your team. This blog will give you two important elements in how to increase staff engagement.

What do 4 year olds and staff engagement have in common??

I wonder if you caught the show “Old Peoples Home for 4 Year Olds” on the ABC recently?

It documented an experiment where they introduced a daycare/kindergarten class into a residential aged care facility – and the positive impact and transformation for the residents was profound!

The results:

  • Engagement – the residents participated in a wider range of activities. They showed greater interest and commitment to tasks and were more willing to try a variety of different things. The residents and the children problem-solved, created, and explored together.
  • Improved mental health – the residents overall mental well being improved. This resulted in depression rates dropping significantly. They were happier, with more laughter and joy in their daily lives – with the children and with each other.
  • Increased physical health – the residents became more physically active. Therefore having greater movement and general feelings of “wellness”.

Why was this simple experiment so successful?

The power of CONNECTION and PURPOSE.

The elderly people and the children connected. They bonded. They built relationships. And in those relationships they encouraged, supported, challenged, uplifted, educated, appreciated and valued each other.

And through that connection the elderly had a sense of purpose. A reason for being. Something to look forward to. A sense of contribution, collaboration and making a difference. Both the children and the elderly felt valued, like they mattered.

It is exactly the same for your teams:

The most successful teams are connected and on-purpose.

“70% of our workforce is disengaged”

(Gallup Report)

When people are disengaged and disconnected from their work and the people they work with they have:

  • declined productivity ;
  • increased dissatisfaction and unrest ;
  • declining customer service and satisfaction as reflected in poor attitudes
  • mental health and well-being suffers, which has a domino effect on everyone in numerous ways – such as lost time, energy, and emotional exhaustion.

Just imagine the difference that could be made through the power of connection and purpose in your team….

What could I be doing with my team to foster connections and increase staff engagement?

There are many things you could be doing to create connection and a sense of purpose within your team. From the very simple and informal to the more structured and formal.

For example, some things to think about and ask are – Do we :

  • provide opportunities for connection through the coming together of our people?
  • encourage and facilitate collaborative problem-solving and creativity through shared projects, improvement processes and feedback loops?
  • give recognition, encouragement and support?
  • clarify and review organisational and team purpose, vision and mission regularly?
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